2D/3D Arts Course | Unlock the World of Animation

Are you passionate about animation? Do you dream of creating captivating visual stories on screen? If so, Maritime Business College’s 2D/3D Arts Course is your ticket to an exciting career in the animation industry. With our intensive 24-month program, you’ll gain the creative and technical skills needed to thrive in this rapidly growing field.

A Journey into Animation: Our 2D/3D Arts Course

Our 2D/3D Arts Course provides a solid foundation in computer-generated animation. Guided by industry professionals, our program covers theory and practical techniques in three-dimensional animation art and design.

Accelerate Your Animation Career

In just 24 months, our program equips you with skills and industry connections.

The demand for animated content has expanded beyond the big screen, with animated characters dominating social media, streaming platforms, and apps. Your animation career possibilities are limitless.

2D/3D Arts Course

Mastering Animation Techniques

Our program’s curriculum is designed to cover every aspect of animation. You’ll begin with foundational skills in traditional drawing and animation.

As you progress, you’ll delve into digital painting, character animation, and the art of designing props, locations, and characters.

Navigating Animation Workflows

Understanding studio workflows is essential in the animation industry.

Our program provides insights into studio etiquette, animation history, life drawing (including human and animal mechanics), character animation principles, storyboarding, rigging, and digital editing and compositing.

Crafting Your Animation Portfolio

Upon completing our program, you’ll have a portfolio and demo reel that showcase your skills.

This valuable asset will open doors to 2D and 3D animation opportunities in film, television, gaming, and web applications.

2D/3D Arts Course
Building Industry Connections

Our program boasts industry connections, with experienced professionals serving as instructors and mentors.

You’ll gain practical insights, valuable feedback, and networking opportunities that can kickstart your animation career.

The Animation Industry’s Growth

The animation industry continues to expand, with a growing demand for skilled animators. Beyond traditional filmmaking, animation now thrives on social media, streaming services, mobile apps, and more.

This shift offers numerous opportunities for talented animators like you.

The Benefits of Choosing Our Program

Industry Connections: Learn from animation pros who serve as instructors and mentors, providing real-world insights and networking opportunities.

  1. Let’s Get You Working: Our curriculum prepares you for immediate employment, with a focus on practical skills that lead to career success.
  2. Top Tech: Access cutting-edge equipment in our animation lab, ensuring you’re well-prepared for the industry’s demands.
  3. Why Choose Us: We offer an employment-focused education emphasizing soft skills and providing hands-on experience with industry-standard technology.
  4. Personalized Support: Receive guidance and personalized support from our education team throughout your journey and beyond graduation.

Your Path to Animation Success

Enroll in Maritime Business College’s 2D/3D Arts Course today and embark on your journey to becoming a skilled animator.

With our program’s comprehensive curriculum, industry connections, and top-tier technology, you’ll be well-prepared to make your mark in the dynamic world of animation.

Don’t miss the chance to bring your creative visions to life. Join us and let your passion for animation shine!