RCMP Visits MBC Corrections and Law Enforcement Classroom

The Corrections and Law Enforcement (CLE) class had an information session with Tammy Wade from the RCMP on Oct. 29.

At least once per year the CLE class will have a session with the RCMP lasting from one hour to an entire morning or afternoon depending on the information they choose to cover with the student.

These sessions usually cover the application process, the attributes and qualifications the RCMP is looking for in a candidate, explaining how to apply online, how to do the written test, the physical and the psychological processes and the training issues.

The recruiter also covers the different types of jobs available within the RCMP.

Prior to the autumn intake, the last class to complete the policing side of the CLE program had five students and two of them were in the process of applying for the RCMP prior to finishing the classroom portion of the program.

CLE instructor Pat Moran, a 36-year member of the RCMP, says many of the students in the program have a wide variety of job options available to them following graduation including corrections environments, military police, security and other types of policing agencies like the Halifax Regional Police, but there are still some students who may be unsure of what they want to do upon completing the program.

This type of session allows those students to understand they can use the training gained at Maritime Business College as a foundation upon graduation to start the training program for the RCMP or other types of policing.

“They’re well prepared,” says Moran. “If they complete this program they have a lot of knowledge the average candidate doesn’t have.”

He adds a number of the elements learned in the Corrections and Law Enforcement program can be used to the candidates advantage during training because they aren’t able to be covered while attending the RCMP training depot in Saskatchewan or when training for the HRM police due to time constraints.