2D/3D Animation and Digital Art Diploma | Build Your Career

Are you a passionate artist with a vivid imagination, dreaming in 3D and sketching characters for video games and cartoons? If your artistic aspirations involve bringing your creations to life through animation, then Maritime Business College’s 2D/3D Animation and Digital Art Diploma is the ideal choice for you. In just 24 months, you can earn your diploma and embark on a fulfilling career in the dynamic world of animation and digital art. Let’s delve deeper into why our program is your ultimate gateway to success.

The 2D/3D Animation and Digital Art Diploma
Our 2D/3D Animation and Digital Art Diploma prepares you to be a sought-after animation artist. Our program stands out by offering a well-rounded education that seamlessly integrates traditional techniques with cutting-edge industry software. This unique combination ensures that you are thoroughly prepared for the ever-evolving field of animation.

Program Highlights

2D/3D Animation and Digital Art Diploma

  • Animation Club: As a student, you have the opportunity to participate in our Animation Club, where you can actively collaborate with your peers. This platform allows you to further refine your animation skills and learn from one another.
  • Impressive Portfolio: One of the standout features of our program is the professional portfolio and demo reel you’ll develop during your studies. These powerful tools will help you showcase your talents to potential employers, leaving a lasting impression.
  • Traditional Techniques: We place a strong emphasis on using traditional techniques to enhance your ability to create outstanding digital art. This foundation sets you up for success in various aspects of animation.
  • Industry Connections: Maritime Business College maintains close connections with industry professionals to ensure that our curriculum remains current and relevant. You’ll benefit from insights and guidance from those actively working in the animation field.
  • State-of-the-Art Software: To stay ahead in the animation industry, you’ll receive training on the latest industry-standard software, gaining proficiency in the tools and techniques used by professionals.

Career Opportunities with the 2D/3D Animation and Digital Art Diploma

2D/3D Animation and Digital Art Diploma

Upon program completion, you’ll be well-prepared for various 2D and 3D animation career paths. This diploma offers opportunities in animation, modeling, texturing, and asset creation for various media fields. You can also apply your skills to roles like character design, storyboarding, or concept artistry.

Why Choose This Program?

  • Dream in 3D: If you constantly imagine new characters and scenarios for video games or cartoons, this program is tailor-made for you. It provides the perfect platform to bring your artistic visions to life.
  • Blend of Techniques: Our program seamlessly integrates traditional techniques with cutting-edge industry software. This approach ensures that you become a well-rounded animation artist, capable of tackling various challenges in the field.
  • Solid Foundation: The program begins with foundational subjects such as Life Drawing, Film Theory, Animation History & Fundamentals, which provide you with a robust base of knowledge and skills.
  • Supportive Environment: At Maritime Business College, we prioritize a supportive and nurturing learning environment. This ensures that each student receives individualized attention and guidance, fostering your growth as an animation artist.
  • Professional Portfolio: Graduating from our program means leaving with a professional portfolio and demo reel that will impress potential employers. These assets will be your ticket to a successful career in 2D or 3D animation.

Unlock Your Animation Potential
Maritime Business College’s 2D/3D Animation and Digital Art Diploma is your key to unlocking your animation potential. With a perfect blend of traditional techniques, industry-standard software, a supportive learning environment, and exposure to the professional animation world, this program prepares you for a rewarding career in animation. Dive into the world of animation and bring your characters and stories to life. Your journey to animation success begins here, and we’re excited to help you every step of the way!