2D/3D Animation Program | A Vibrant Career

Do you dream in 3D or have a knack for doodling captivating characters destined for video games or animated cartoons? If so, enroll in Maritime Business College’s 2D/3D Animation Program. In just 24 months, our program equips you with the essential tools and confidence needed to succeed as an animation artist.

Crafting Animation Artists for the Future

Our 2D/3D Animation Program is thoughtfully crafted to equip budding animators with essential skills. We provide a unique blend of traditional techniques and cutting-edge software, preparing graduates for high-demand roles.

Upon completion, you’ll be able to breathe life into characters and environments and make them come alive in both 2D and 3D formats. Your canvas will extend across various mediums, including television, film, and video games.

2D/3D Animation Program
Mastering the Art and Technology

Alongside the creative side of animation, our program prioritizes the essential technical skills crucial for thriving in the contemporary animation industry.

You’ll gain proficiency in vital areas like digital image manipulation, digital video editing, compositing, and file management. These skills are indispensable for animators navigating the digital landscape of today.

Program Highlights

Our 2D/3D Animation Program offers numerous highlights that enhance your learning experience and prepare you for a rewarding career:

  1. Impressive Portfolio: Graduates leave the program with a professional portfolio and demo reel that will open doors in the film and television industries, gaming, and web development.
  2. Traditional Techniques: We believe in the importance of traditional techniques, and our program places a strong emphasis on these methods to enhance your digital art production.
  3. Industry Connections: We maintain close ties with industry professionals, ensuring that our curriculum remains current and aligned with industry standards.
  4. Cutting-Edge Software: You’ll receive training in the latest industry-standard software used in animation, giving you a competitive edge in the job market.

2D/3D Animation Program
Exploring Diverse Career Opportunities

The successful completion of our 2D/3D Animation Program opens doors to a wide range of career opportunities.

Whether you’re passionate about animation, character and scene modeling, texturing, or asset creation, this diploma equips you with skills. You’ll excel in film, television, games, or web applications.

Why Choose This Program?

If you’ve imagined a future where your 3D dreams and creative characters spring to life, our 2D/3D Animation and Digital Art Diploma can turn that vision into reality.

Our program is designed for aspiring animators in Halifax and beyond. It combines traditional techniques with industry-leading software, making it unique among animation colleges.

We with a foundation in diverse animation areas: life drawing, film theory, history, core principles.

As skills advance, explore concept development, layout, character, and background. Your excitement grows, delving into digital media mastering image manipulation and video editing.

A Supportive Learning Environment

At Maritime Business College, we prioritize individual attention and support for each student. Our environment encourages creative growth and skill development, ensuring you receive the guidance you need to excel in the world of animation.

Opening Doors to Success

After finishing our program, you’ll exit with a portfolio and reel to launch a 2D/3D animation career. Equipped with skills, discipline, and confidence, you’ll find opportunities in film, TV, gaming, web development, and beyond.

Prepare to animate your path to success with our 2D/3D Animation Program. Your journey to a rewarding animation career begins here.